Should You Junk A Car With Frame Damage?

Deciding to ditch an old car is rarely an easy decision. While it might be straightforward in some cases, such as when dealing with an abandoned car on your property, there's more to consider when dealing with a vehicle that still runs. In many cases, it's an accident that finally pushes an old beater over the line from usable into junk.

However, how can you decide when to call in the scrapyard? Frame damage is often a good indication that you should let that old car go, but even that situation can have some nuances. Keep reading to learn how you can decide if an old beater with frame damage has any life left in it or if you should be placing a call to your nearest junk buyer.

Why Frame Damage is a Big Deal

It's important to remember that frame damage is always a big deal. Your car's frame is its underlying structure and is similar in many ways to the frame of a house. If your home has structural issues, that's a problem that usually requires immediate attention. Likewise, driving a car with any significant frame damage is often a bad idea.

In a best-case scenario, frame damage can result in poor driving characteristics, alignment issues, and rapid tire wear. In more severe cases, frame damage may cause your car to behave unpredictably or even reduce its ability to protect you in future accidents. Since you can't diagnose the severity of the problem without sophisticated equipment, you should always avoid driving after a major accident.

However, there's another reason frame damage is always a cause for concern: cost. Measuring and repairing a vehicle frame is time-consuming and labor-intensive, which means it's expensive. While minor frame damage might not cost too much, more extensive repair work can exceed the value of even relatively new vehicles.

When to Scrap a Car With Frame Damage

You should ask a simple question when deciding if frame damage means the end of your beater: will it cost more to fix than to replace? If repairing the frame damage will cost more than the value of your car, it makes sense to junk your old clunker and use that money toward a replacement. If you aren't sure, local body shops should be able to provide you with a rough estimate.

It's also worth considering the other damage to your car while you decide. Even if you can feasibly repair the frame damage, does the vehicle need other work? Does it make sense to invest a substantial amount into repairs? If not, the best financial decision and safest option is to call up a junk buyer and start thinking about your next ride. Contact a junk buyer such as Cash For Cars for more information.

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